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a company with a higher purpose

The Challenge

Help us (board) investigate where our growth opportunity lies and what is needed to achieve this?

The Job

Coach us (board) on our innergame so that we can win the outergame. Develop an international brand strategy and style that fits the BlueM purpose.Research and develop our B2B growth strategy. Develop a new shop and website according to our custom brand values taking into account our technical infrastructure.

The Journey

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.


Boardroom coaching

Through organisational constellations I have reflected together with the management board on where they currently stand and what their challenges are. These were short high intensity sessions. I always go back to the origins of the organisation before we look ahead to the future and what can be done.


Customer Research

In order to map out the dentist's life, I conducted several interviews at dental practices and at the Academic Centre for Dentistry in Amsterdam. hese customer visits gave us a clear insight. Customer visits are the highest-fidelity and deepest customer learning you can experience.


Design sprint facilitation

This was the biggest challenge for me. How can I execute lean startup and design thinking with in a agile development ecosystem? The time line's where very tight to get our MVP live. I had to make a lot of concessions.


Brand strategy

Being able to develop a brand strategy and style for BlueM was a pleasure to do. The founders are purpose-driven people with a clear vision that contributes to better health for mankind. Then it's not difficult to come up with a beautiful compelling brand style. In a number of sessions we deepened and determined the various aspects of the brand. These brand values are recorded in a brand passport and translated into guidelines in the brand style guide.

Always open for talk at the coffee table about innovation, my portfolio and hearing more about your ambitions.

Expert in

UX Strategy & Design | Prototyping | Design Thinking | Lean start-up innovation | Brand strategy


Robert Tellier
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