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Create Build Learn Loop

UX strategy design & lean innovater

When you need a senior freelance Product & UX Designer to help build your rocket and launch it into the market.

Robert Tellier, Freelance UX strategy & design

Helping digital innovation team deliver their promise.
 I apply the Lean Startup approach to Product/Service development, UX & branding. I focus on the create-test-learn loop, to get to a validated business model fast.  I have in-depth knowledge in finding product-market fit and designing digital products.

What I bring to the table:

Customer Discovery

Customer discovery & validation. Getting to know your customer and their world is a ongoing job for every innovation team. It's al about empathy. Being open and sensitive for the words between the lines.  

Design Thinking

Facilitating Design sprints. 
 It’s a high energy experience for stakeholders to get on the same page fast. I design and deliver interactive and engaging work sessions.

Product & UX Design

Creating a product vison and roadmap. Executing this with a team.  This is what I love to do.
UX strategy | design | research |
 rapid prototyping & wireframing, both mobile & web |  
Simplifying complexity, bringing order to chaos 

Lean Start-up

My focus is on the create-test-learn loop, to get to a validated business model fast. I have in-depth knowledge in finding product-market fit and designing digital products via experiments.

Lean start-up | Design Thinking | Prototyping

The master has failed more times than the beginner has ever started. But the beginner's mind is more open to the world of possibilities. Be the master with a beginners mind.
13+ years experience in digital innovation


Digital Project Innovation

Always be learning. Great product can only happen if there is a great team culture. As a freelancers I have the privilege to work with multiple teams. If I realise one thing, it is that success starts with designing a great team culture.


Create-Test-Learn Loop

I focus on the create-test-learn loop, to get to a validated business model fast. It's about tackling your riskiest assumptions first before burning all you money on a solution nobody wants. I create, manage and conduct this loop cycles fast.


Rapid Prototype's

Fake it untill you make it.  The power of prototyping is to put your ideas into form. From our imaginary world into the real world. So that we can understand it better. And discover if it survives a test with real customers. I use every prototyping tool out their to does the job.  

What clients say

Robert is zeer bevlogen en gedreven. Growth hacking, lean startup, business canvas…hij is extreem op de hoogte van de laatste ontwikkelingen en weet op welk moment, welke methode het meest effectief ingezet kan worden. Robert is creatief, innovatief en gepassioneerd. Zeer prettig om mee samen te werken en slimme business modellen (met een higher purpose) mee uit te denken!

Robert, is a very creative, dedicated and motivated person to work with. Very much pro-active in new thinking, (ambassador of LEAN) and not only in UX and design but also for strategy in start-up environment. Pleasant and friendly with continuous focus on end-result and deliverables. Very easy going in team with natural leadership. Would recommend Robert to anyone with concrete ambitions.

During our intense collaboration of about a year I have come to know Robbert as a very skilled and talented T Shaped professional.
Robbert spans multiple disciplines and operates like a fish in the water in high velocity complex environments such as start ups, and lean projects in corporates.
If you have a challenging project or want to accelerate your business and are in need of
firm design thinker ? Look no further Robbert is your man.

Always open to talk about innovation at the coffee table, my portfolio and to learn more about your ambitions.

Expert in

UX Strategy & Design | Prototyping | Design Thinking | Lean start-up innovation | Brand strategy


Robert Tellier
Email:                   Phone: +31 (0)6 410 511 82